Family First™ Virtual Summit

Family First™: Understanding consumer perceptions of wellness and breakthroughs in microbiome science to protect the whole family

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August 19, 2020
12 pm EDT-3 pm EDT

Consumer conversations and priorities around health are rapidly evolving, requiring the entire supplement supply chain to listen, learn and innovate in order to not only meet consumer demand but to move the needle on global health and wellness. Across the world, consumers are hyper-focused on protecting themselves and their loved ones from illness through a variety of measures and are waking up to the connection between a healthy gut and overall wellbeing.

Join us for an immersive virtual event exploring the microbiome’s role in whole-body, whole-family health—and the effective supplement solutions to optimize wellbeing in our modern world. In partnership with Deerland’s Family First™ platform, a content series helping product marketers connect consumers with the science-supported health product solutions they seek, this day of expert presentations will provide you with the information needed to formulate and market products to address the unique needs of family-conscious, health-minded consumers in today’s complex landscape.

Sessions include:

  • Breakthroughs in whole-body, whole-family health Keynote with Dr. Robynne Chutkan, MD
  • Probiotic market analysis with Eric Pierce, Vice President Business Insights, Informa Health & Nutrition
  • Scientific breakthroughs in probiotics with Dr. John Deaton, Vice President Science and Technology, Deerland
  • Breakout sessions - expert Q&As each with Dr. Chutkan and Eric Pierce
  • Networking - see who's here and set-up meetings!

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