Inside the Bottle Virtual Summit

Join us for the Inside the Bottle Virtual Summit:
Stewarding a quality supplement industry in the changing consumer landscape

In times of uncertainty, people seek ways to feel empowered. Today, consumers are demanding quality, transparency and efficacy in the products they purchase to support their health—and they want to know not only that products will perform as promised, but also that they were built on integrity. Now is the time for supplement companies doing it right to shine.

Join us on August 11 from 11:30am-3:30pm EDT for a series of in-depth discussions and presentations from experts and thought leaders in the supplement industry.

Inside the Bottle is a New Hope Network and Natural Products Insider initiative dedicated to supporting quality and transparency in the supplement industry. The initiative and its partners are committed to elevating industrywide best practices and telling the positive story of how supplements can help consumers take control of their health. During the Inside the Bottle Virtual Summit, we’ll explore the needs of consumers and identify actionable next steps for supplement retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and all companies across the supplement supply chain.

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