Video Storytelling (July 2020)

Video Storytelling (July 2020) Workshop

Event Time & Location

07/20/2020 - 07/23/2020

Berkeley Advanced Media Institute

121 North Gate Hall
Graduate School of Journalism
Berkeley, California 94720
United States



Video ​storytelling ​is ​a ​quick ​paced ​skill ​based ​workshop ​that ​will ​have ​you ​producing ​high quality, professional videos. The ​best videos ​will ​always ​be ​the ​ones ​that ​that ​grab ​your ​attention, ​make ​you ​think, ​make ​you ​laugh, ​or ​cry, ​or ​elicit ​an ​emotion ​– ​and ​make ​you ​want ​to ​watch ​till ​the ​end. ​Join ​us ​to ​learn ​best-in-class ​techniques ​for ​producing ​engaging ​videos ​for ​the ​web ​and ​on ​social ​media.

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