Podcast Bootcamp (Spring 2020)

Podcast Bootcamp (Spring 2020) Workshop

Event Time & Location

03/02/2020 - 04/15/2020

Berkeley Advanced Media Institute

121 North Gate Hall
Graduate School of Journalism
Berkeley, California 94720
United States


During ​this ​hands-on ​course ​you’ll ​work ​with ​leading ​industry ​podcast ​professionals ​to ​learn ​start ​to ​finish ​how ​to ​take ​an ​idea ​for ​a ​podcast ​through ​to ​a ​branded ​podcast ​series. ​You ​will ​learn ​about ​developing ​narratives ​and ​how ​different ​styles ​of ​podcasts ​are ​produced. ​You’ll ​work ​hands ​on ​with ​equipment ​and ​software- ​the ​tools. ​ ​You’ll ​develop ​your ​own ​roadmap ​for ​promoting ​your ​series. ​And ​you’ll ​leave ​the ​course ​with ​a ​fully ​produced ​podcast ​series. ​This ​course ​will ​provide ​you ​with ​the ​ ​knowledge ​and ​tools ​necessary ​to ​apply ​your ​new ​skill ​set ​immediately ​to ​the ​podcasting ​profession.

This ​is ​a ​7-week ​course. ​Classes ​are ​held ​Monday ​and ​Wednesday ​evenings ​from ​6 p.m. ​to ​9 p.m. ​beginning ​Monday, ​March ​2nd ​and ​ending ​Wednesday, ​April ​15th. ​We ​will ​also ​offer ​digital ​learning ​labs ​on ​select ​Tuesdays.

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