2020 HRO Today Forum Call For Submissions

2020 HRO Today Forum Call For Submissions

2020 HRO Today Forums Call for Submissions 
Thank you for your interest in submitting a presentation topic for inclusion in one of the HRO Today Forum 2020 events.

Please use this registration system to make your submission. Note your registration record number at the end so that you may make edits at anytime prior to the submission deadline.

If you have questions at anytime during this process please contact Bill Lange at bill.lange@sharedxpertise.com.

    We seek session proposals for the following 2020 HRO Today Forum events:
    • HRO Today Forum EMEA, November 2-4, 2020 - Athens, Greece
    • HRO Today Forum North America, RESCHEDULED TO December 1-3, 2020 - Nashville, TN

    Submission Information:
    Please submit a brief synopsis and/or a 3-5 minute video outlining your session.

    Provide the following:
    • Topic area that the session will address
    • Title for the session and proposed format
    • Brief description (1-3 paragraphs) of how the session will address the topic
    • Bios (1-2 paragraphs) and head shots for up to two of the proposed presenters
    • Electronic signature on the speaker release (submissions will not be accepted without the release signed)

    Please note that there are many more slots for short format presentations at this year's event and this is
    your best chance to have your submission accepted.

    We seek the below categories of content:

    Case Study Format: 
    Thirty (30) minutes with Q&A, a case study approach that will highlight a persistent problem and how it was resolved.  Presentation format is a practitioner with or without a service or technology partner organized into the following stages:

    • Problem Identification
    • Situation Analysis
    • Resolution Implemented
    • Results with Data Support

    Quick Presentation Format:
    A series of presentations with single presenters or a group presenter format where each presentation is limited to 10 minutes to cover a concept or important trend.  This abbreviated time frame requires speakers to present ideas in the most innovative and engaging way.  The key is to be concise, impactful and memorable.  May include a limited set of slides or be solely a verbal address.

    Panel Presentation:
    Forty-five (45) minute format covering a trend in HR or HR services, technology or outsourcing with a moderator and 3-5 confirmed panelists in a Q&A discussion. Panelists must be included in this pitch.

    All presentations should be non-commercial and not designed to promote any provider of service or technology, although providers may be presenters and thought leader participants, moderators, or panelists.

    Deadlines for Submissions:

    HRO Today Forum 2020 EMEA Deadline for Submission Timelines:
    • June 28, 2020: Written/video abstract submissions due
    • July 12, 2020: Notification of acceptance for presentations for HRO Today Forum EMEA
    • August 1, 2020: Agenda released
    • October 11, 2020: Final presentations due* 
     HRO Today Forum 2020 North America Submission Timelines:
    • June 28, 2020:  Written/video abstract submissions due
    • July 12, 2020:  Notification of acceptance for presentation for HRO Today Forum North America
    • August 1, 2020:  Final agenda released
    • October 11, 2020:  Final presentations due*
        *Please note: by participating in this process you are agreeing to grant SharedXpertise, organizers of HRO Today Forums, a non exclusive copyright license for all the papers presented at the conference and for the presentation material and the right to copy and redistribute conference material including the submissions of the author(s). This includes potential distribution on a conference CD, video and/or the HRO Today Forum website. Authors agree to deliver the finalized content by at the least four weeks prior to the event.

        Conference registration fees for selected presenters will be waived and the best presentations from each invited session will also be considered for publication in HRO Today at no cost.

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