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            CCOPS (Centrifugal Compressor Operations)
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                                Oct. 12-15, 2020

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CCOPS (Centrifugal Compressor Operations)
Virtual via GoToMeeting
Jim Sorokes - Siemens
Mark Sandberg - Sandberg Turbomachinery Consulting
Jeff Moore - Southwest Research Institute
Jigger Jumonville - Jumonville Engineering
Entry level professionals will accelerate their understanding of the technology and how it is used in oil & gas applications. Experienced professionals will enhance their knowledge of current technologies and methods, enabling more effective project performance and/or maintenance strategies.
All participants will add to their network of industry professionals and be able to share ideas, experiences and questions. The improved knowledge and expertise will provide a cost benefit to attendees’ companies:
• By reducing errors and wasted engineering / SCM hours caused by misinterpreted nomenclature /
• By identifying possible improvements to plant performance via application of more modern
centrifugal equipment; i.e., increased efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements, etc.
• By providing a better understanding of the various types of centrifugal compressors and subcomponents (i.e., impellers, diffusers, bearings, seals, etc.) and the performance they provide, leading to more informed decisions when considering design requirements, selecting new equipment, deciding on a test plan, etc.
Who should attend?
This course is for beginning- and intermediate-level professionals interested in Centrifugal Compressor Operations.
Cost: $1500.00 thru October 8, 2020
$1800.00 October 9-12, 2020
CEU Credit: 2.6
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