Seneca 360

Thank you for your interest in Seneca 360. Please consider the following parameters when filling out your application:

  • Please limit your submission to ONE project. Whether or not your project is selected, you are welcome to submit new projects in the future.
  • We define “project” as work that has a timeline with an end date and one or more deliverables. Some examples are event marketing, application development and creation of promotional videos.
  • Please be aware that we cannot accept applications seeking to fill a long-term position or internship within the organization.
  • Whether you are applying at the beginning or end of the month, we review applications the first week of the following month. You will hear back about the status of your application by the second or third week of that month. From there, it can take a month for our students to be ready to start work on your project. Please consider these time constraints when describing the scope of work in your application.

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