Ingathering November 2020

                                      With this link you will be able to:

  • Complete the Ingathering Report Form
  • Donate any money raised by your church for Ingathering related activities
  • Make a personal donation for the Northwest Day of Giving
  • Make a personal donation for the Northeast Ingathering Fundraising Competition 

NEW FOR 2020: There is not year-end reporting as in previous years. That information is not being collected. Only report for actions, donations, etc. related to your district’s specific Ingathering events.

If you are no able to complete this form online, print the Ingathering form from your district’s tab at  You may submit it and a check to the ARUMC Conference Treasurer. Instructions are printed on the bottom of the forming events.


Technical Support                     Palmer Lee                                       palmer.lee@arumc.or

Ingathering Report Form        Melissa Sanders                    

      Ingathering Events                   Click on your District’s tab at

                        Other Questions:                   

NW, SW, Central - Mary Lewis Dassinger                                        501-425-9049

SE, NE - Sam Meadors                                                                        501-650-0565


If you have any regarding Ingathering 2020, please contact Mary Lewis Dassinger at should you have any questions.