SAMA Academy Online
E2 - Buyer’s perspective: Create, communicate and quantify value for CxO impact

01/01/2020 - 01/31/2021


This online course is the equivalent of the SAMA Academy course E2. Buyer’s Perspective. The online version is titled Elevate Value Skills. CSAM candidates may take this online course in place of the in-person presentations available at SAMA Academies.

This course includes online video modules, simulations, and exercises to be completed at the participants own pace, within a six-week period. The exercises, once completed, will be evaluated by a top procurement executive. This executive will provide personalized feedback on performance and offer suggestions for improvement.

*CSAM candidates must to complete all exercises within the six week time frame in order to earn credit towards the Certification program.

Executive buyers value business conversations four times more than product conversations

When selling to executive buyers, they don’t just want you to understand their business, they demand it.

Unfortunately for c-level executive buyers (and sellers), relevant business conversations aren’t what they’re getting. While executives say 88 percent of salespeople are knowledgeable about their products and services, only 24 percent of sellers demonstrate thorough understanding of their business issues. That kind of disconnect is a prescription for too many stalled deals at the proposal stage.

Build a business case to gain executive buy-in.

To Elevate Value in your conversations, you need to give buyers a compelling business reason to change now, and a meaningful business case to help them justify that decision. By taking this course with Corporate Visions, your team can get the messages, content, and skills rooted in decision science to tell a business impact story that connects your value to your executive buyers’ business initiatives. That means smarter, more justifiable proposals, faster closes, and fewer stuck deals.

Attendees can expect to learn how to:
  • Find and interpret account information to identify areas of greatest impact
  • Translate financial data and trends to identify selling opportunities
  • Align your business value with your customer's prioritized initiatives
  • Quantify your value using financial metrics meaningful to your customer’s decision makers

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