2020 Long + Live + Math: The National Institute

Welcome to TNI 2020! To ensure the health and safety of all our participants and staff, we're going virtual! We are looking forward to this year's institute and could not be more excited about the opportunities that going virtual will bring for our participants!  TNI is famous for providing a flexible, engaging learning experience that will leave you inspired, challenged, connected, and even a little pampered. Virtual TNI will be no different! We'll be taking advantage of a variety of engaging technology tools to ensure the same robust experience that makes TNI so amazing. Plus, we'll be able to extend the learning even longer with our virtual options! We can't wait to make history with you this July! 

To begin a new registration or to finish an incomplete registration, select "New Registration."  To make changes to an existing registration, please select "Modify Registration."  Be sure to have any applicable ID Codes handy before proceeding with your registration.  All discounts will be visible prior to registration completion.  For any inquiries regarding existing registration purchases or for additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us