IMPACT7 2020

IMPACT7 2020 Postponed

Our thanks for the support and understanding of sponsors, presenters, leaders, prize givers and supporters in making the very difficult decision to postpone IMPACT7 2020 to later on in the year. We believe this is the best course of action to minimise risk, protect each other and ensure IMPACT7 is as good as it should be!

IMPACT7 is built on the goodwill of the community it serves. We are very conscious of all the time and effort that has already gone towards IMPACT7. This is why we cannot wait to see IMPACT7 come to fruition! Here’s to the gamechangers that are helping to make tomorrow a better place.

We hope to move IMPACT7 to early September 2020. We are so sorry about the inconvenience of rescheduling this event. We will be back soon to confirm a new date.



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