2019-2020 Western WA Pre-License Exam Review

2019-2020 Western WA Pre-License Exam Review

2019-2020 Western Washington

Pre-License Exam Review

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The Pre-License exam review course is for pesticide applicators, consultants, and dealers who would like to obtain a pesticide license. All exam categories will be available on testing day and are administered by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA).

These WSU courses are conducted in English
and focus on eight of the 32 WSDA exams. Not all exam topics are covered. View Course Agenda. Review courses do not cover aquatic, public health, seed treatment, soil fumigation, Pest Control Operator (PCO), or Structural Pest Inspector (SPI).

All license types should attend both days except for Dealer Manager. Dealer Managers need to register for Day 1 only and return for the exam on Day 2.  See agenda above.

If you hold a valid pesticide applicator license and want to add a category, register for the day the category-specific information is covered, then return for the exam on Day 2. See agenda above.

The course and WSDA exams are based on information from the study materials.  We strongly recommended you obtain and study these materials before the course.  Study materials will not be available for purchase at the course.  To order Study Materials, download a PDF order form or order online.

The Pre-License Exam Review Course includes an exam session on the afternoon of Day 2.  In order to prepare your exam packet, you must select your exams at least 7 days prior to the course.  Click on the Select Exams online link or the printable Exam Selection form link at the end of this course registration.  This information will also be available in your confirmation letter.
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