#MSC2020: Apocalypse now? Climate and Security

Apocalypse Now? Climate and Security
From wildfires in Australia to disappearing islands and the melting Arctic: the changing climate is causing devastating environmental degradation across the world. What once seemed like a scenario for a far-away future has now become an existential threat as climate change is causing irreversible harm to the environment and the people that live in it. Climate change thus dramatically underlines that nowadays security is about much more than just preventing war: rising sea levels, heat waves, and storms threaten the livelihoods of millions of people, with many calling climate change the biggest threat to mankind. Answers to climate change will have to be as diverse as the threats that it causes. A broad alliance of actors – from students to civil society organizations to military officials – is hence advocating for decisive climate action on mitigation and adaption.
Will they be heard before it’s too late?
The #MSC-Event aims to explore how climate change threatens human security across the world and what can be done to counter climate change and its fallout.
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