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Guiyang Congress 2019

Please do not cancel your registration in order to change it - this will create future problems if you do. Once you have begun with the registration process please continue to the finish.
If an error was made while you were registering we suggest you simply proceed to finish the registration and then return to amend it after completion. You can do this by choosing the “modify registration” option on the website.
If you have already cancelled a registration and wish to re-register please contact WUWM and we will be happy to help you.

On finalizing your registration you will be asked to make payment by clicking a link. Please be aware that if you do not click the link your registration will not be properly finalized. However this payment link will not take you to any payment options as all payments must be initiated by you directly, via a bank transfer. There are no other payment options available for this event.

Should you need any assistance or if you have any queries please contact the WUWM Secretariat at: info@wuwm.org or by phone +31703611728.

Partners (accompanying persons) can be included under the “additional attendees” section once the delegate registration process is underway.