StrategicRISK training programme

StrategicRISK training programme

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from two of risk management’s global thought leaders.

Risk management is on the precipice of change as it shifts and adapts to meet the demands of a more globalised, digitally connected and 24/7 business environment.
More than ever, businesses will rely more on robust risk management to help them take more informed risks, bring new opportunities to fruition and gain competitive advantage.
As part of our #ChangingRisk campaign, StrategicRISK has partnered with Satarla – a global network of risk management trainers – to build a series of two training courses that unpicks traditional risk approaches and adapts them for today’s new and emerging challenges.
Sign up for one course or two to follow the course journey. Please register your details first and then select the course/s you wish to attend. 

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