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A place to enjoy all four seasons and every type of scenery imaginable.
Each and every region in this country can offer something different…from mountains to jungles, lakes, beaches and glaciers, this is for sure the land of the six continents!
But the most important thing is the friendly and passionate people that make Argentina such a warm and welcoming place!

The combination of urban glamour, traditions and culture give vibrancy and character to our cosmopolite identity.

We have artists who brighten up our streets, stories that nurture history, athletes that thrills us…a unique mixture of European and Latin American influences which are reflected in our innovative music, literature and lifestyle.

Argentina is Tango, is Art, is Friendship, is Food, it is pure PASSION! Argentina is undoubtedly irresistible!

We invite you to live this magic experience!

Welcome to Argentina, welcome to Buenos Aires!



Why Dubai?

- It will be the first time for the Middle East to host IFOS.
- Connecting east and west, north and south, UAE is well placed geographically.
- One third of the global population lives within a four-hour flight.
- Dubai itself is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most globalised and safest cities.
- Dubai is home to people of many nationalities, has the world’s busiest airport by international passengers served, and the world’s largest man-made harbour.
- Where once there was sand, now there is one of the world’s most modern urban landscapes, linked by multi-lane highways and a technologically advanced metro and tram system. ·
- We have successfully held seven international conferences and proved our capability to host conferences and draw an international crowd.
- We have one of the world’s youngest populations. Thus, IFOS 2021in Dubai would provide an opportunity for the young physicians to work hand-in-hand with experienced seniors to contribute ideas to the future medical field.
- We want to welcome the world and show that there is a lot more to know about Dubai and the multicultural facet of the UAE, where more than 200 nationalities successfully coexist. We would also like to introduce the ‘Help Me Hear’ initiative which sees

Dubai sponsoring treatment for children with congenital deafness who cannot afford cochlear implants. Hosting IFOS 2021 in Dubai would help spread this initiative across the world, and many children from underprivileged countries would benefit.



On the occasion of the ENT world congress in Paris, the ENT Moroccan society presents its candidacy to organize the ENT World congress 2021 in Marrakech.

This candidacy is presented on behalf of all African countries and their ENT community.
This application is not only the consecration of the development of the speciality and its influence on several countries in Africa and the entire community ,but it is also a support and an incentive to all African ENT youth competencies.

Our project for the 22nd IFOS Congress would be guided by :

- A wealth scientific program
- Multicultural dimension
- A dynamic moroccan society and an african federation
- Marrakech, an attractive city
- An experienced PCO : Colloquium

Support Marrakech as a candidate city for IFOS 2021 and stop by our booth C3



Building on the Canadian culture of collaboration, perseverance and generosity, the Canadian Society of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery proposes that IFOS 2021 be held, for the first time ever, in Canada in beautiful British Columbia.

Vancouver is a diverse, safe and multicultural destination that has built a reputation for being one of the most outstanding convention cities in the world.Vancouver is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, sun-drenched sands adjacent to the sparkling Pacific Ocean, and boasts one of the warmest climates in Canada.Below are just a few of the reasons why Vancouver, Canada would be the best host to the IFOS 2021 Congress:

- Vancouver is ranked as the number one destination in North America to host an international congress
- Capitalizing on Canada's prominent role in health globalization and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada's reputation as an internationally recognized leader in medical education and continuing professional development the proposed IFOS 2021 Congress meeting theme is 'Globalization of Health Care: Implications for Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery'
- The award-winning Vancouver Convention Centre sits along the downtown waterfront against a dramatic mountain backdrop.Attendees can easily access the 13-mile seawall, distinct shopping districts and incredible restaurants all within a five minute walk.

Vote for Vancouver as host of the 2021 IFOS Congress. We guarantee a leading edge scientific programme and memorable Canadian experience that will set the tone for future IFOS Congresses for years to come.



All Japan United for IFOS 2021!

Our beautiful city, Yokohama, located in the greater Tokyo area, offers countless tourism opportunities and cultural experiences.

For the first time in 50 years, we would love to welcome IFOS back to Japan!

Come visit us at booth C5 and take a photo with a GEISHA!





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