WIN 2017 Symposium: 26 and 27 June, in Paris
Expediting Global Innovation in Precision Cancer Medicine

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WIN2017 Symposium is next week!

If you want to:

  1. Be part of developing tomorrow’s Precision Oncology and bring your expertise in open forums with world class oncology leaders
  2. Hear the latest developments from outstanding speakers from academia and industry
  3. Participate in a satellite symposium with Roche-Foundation Medicine
  4. Network with guest speakers and WIN Consortium members

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The goal of the WIN 2017 Symposium is to speed up the application of science to the development of effective cancer treatments in an exceptional program with the following session themes:

  • Innovation in clinical trial design
  • New avenues for target discovery
  • Immunological approach to personalized medicine
  • Next great steps in cancer therapy
  • Predict: what and how?
  • Using new knowledge in clinical trials

This symposium assembles all stakeholders in cancer care, from academia and industry, to cancer research institutions and patient advocacy organizations.
No other event, gives you more focused expertise from getting science to the clinic and the possibility of exchanging ideas in open forums and a round table discussion.

Join the debate
Take advantage of our most dynamic sessions, and join the debate with some of the world’s leading oncology experts! You will have access to three forums where open discussions will be held for all attendees on today’s challenges of delivering better treatment to patients and improving their outcomes. The results of these discussions will be published in a synopsis of the symposium.
  • New trends in clinical trial design, moderated by Razelle Kurzrock (UCSD) and Brian Leyland-Jones (Avera Cancer Institute)
  • Place of immunotherapy approaches in precision cancer care, moderated by Antoni Ribas (UCLA) and Jean-Yves Blay (Centre Léon Bérard)
  • Challenges of real world implementation of precision medicine and implications for other diseases, moderated by Lisa Hutchinson (Nature Publishing Group) and Thomas Tursz (Fondation ARC) with the exceptional participation of Richard L. Schilsky (ASCO®), Martine J. Piccart-Gebhart (Institute Jules Bordet), Francesco De Lorenzo (European Cancer Patient Coalition) and Andrea Califano (Columbia University)
The Roche-Foundation Medicine Satellite Symposium
The satellite symposium offered by Roche-Foundation Medicine dedicated to Molecular profiling using Foundation Medicine and added value of open collaboration will be held on Tuesday, June 27 from 12.20-13.30 hrs, chaired by Prof. Jean-Yves Blay, Centre Léon Bérard, France.
The Satellite Symposium will discuss the clinical value of Comprehensive Genome Profiling, molecular information and big data processing, in addition to the added value this will bring for patients with cancer, in choosing targeted therapies based on the patient’s unique tumor profile. Furthermore, the IBM Watson computer system will be introduced, that may contribute to the treatment decision making process.
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