WIT Hospitality 2018
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March 20, 2018

Silverbox Ballroom
Hotel ICON, Hong Kong




In its 13th year, WIT kicks off a new cycle in 2018, to build the road to Better Travel.


And there’s no better way to start than with our first event of the year with a focus on Better Hospitality – for there is no other sector that’s more integral to the making of Better Travel.


Why attend:

  • Get an in-depth understanding of how hospitality is changing, and what new trends, technologies, businesses and ideas are driving that change.
  • Take a snapshot look at how Chinese, Japanese and South Korean travel markets are taking the lead in their own respective ways.
  • Hear from a heady mix of industry leaders, entrepreneurs about how they intend to make the hospitality industry better.
  • Learn lessons taken from beyond travel and understand how they can be applied to your business.
  • Network with like-minded professionals and new players with fresh perspectives in travel.


About "Better Hospitality":

Better Hospitality means making accommodation choices discoverable and accessible to customers, whichever channel they are using; it means offering the right customer with the right product at the right price; it means creating experiences that are friction-free and memorable; and it means using the right technology to enable all that to happen.


It means getting all those who offer hospitality – be it traditional, alternative or private; chain or independent – on the same page to fulfil the bigger purpose of Better Travel.


For in a divided world, one thing remains constant – travel is the unifier of humanity. Powered by smart technology, it wields great power to restore balance to a divided world.


WIT Hospitality 2018 will celebrate five values – 

Openness, Diversity, Creativity, Love and Respect.


     • Open minds, open world, open platforms.

     • Diversity in workforce, diversity in humanity, diversity in experiences.

     • Creativity in thought, creativity in marketing, products and services

     • Building things with love, treating customers and staff with love

     • Respect for communities and environment


Better Technology. Better Experiences. Better Businesses. Better People. Better Hospitality.

Come join us create Better Hospitality in 2018.  The world needs you.




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