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Mini MBA Program:
Unleashing Business Growth

A Four-hour Mini MBA Program


This program is for everybody who wants to upgrade their business competences within Business Strategy, Finance, Sales and HR to better drive their business forward in today’s hyper competitive world.

All four modules fit together and follow each other in a four-hour program tailored to enable you to learn about critical business components. By the end of the program you will not only have gained new critical knowledge on how to strategize and sell, you will also be awarded the Dscoop Mini MBA certificate.

The approach is very much hands-on. We want you to walk away from the program equipped with relevant tools and a business understanding which you can apply directly when you are back in the office.



Module 1

Managing Strategy - The Business Model Canvas

Every business needs to create relevant value to its customers by identifying and supporting a competitive value proposition. At the same time a business also needs to pay attention to and manage its resources to create this customer value in such a way that it makes a profit. The BMC model gives you a simple, yet powerful tool to formulate your business strategy, and in this first module we will demonstrate how you use the BMC tool.

We will go through the model step by step with some real life examples from our own industry.

Key take-away: You will be able to use the BMC model to start positioning your business offer differently versus competitors, and at the same time understand how you best manage your company resources to maximize profits.


Module 2

Managing Finance - The Art of Risk Management

Finance as a discipline is more than a numbers game and a P/L analysis. Finance is also Risk Management as a risk becoming real can have huge financial implications, and in the worst-case scenario ruin a business. In this module we will share how you best manage all the risks that may occur when running your business.

Immediately following the BMC module, in the Risk Management discussion we will discuss why a business must both master the strategic development as well as understand the risks involved in running a business. A solid risk management strategy is just as important as is the business strategy document. The two go hand in hand.

Key take-away: A fundamental understanding of what are risks, where does risks come from and how do you prepare to manage risks. Any risks really – big or small, known or unknown.


Module 3

Managing Sales - Creating a Sales Culture

Now you have a solid business strategy and an understanding of risk management. But without sales to your customers your business strategy is just a piece of paper, while you risk losing your business. So how do you boost your sales by improving your sales skills and understanding?

In this module we will demonstrate that your sales are tied closely with your understanding of how you can help your clients increase their sales and profitability. Short term transactional sales is not a winning sales strategy, only a way to constantly having to lower your prices. However, building long term customer relationships by understanding their KPIs will help your own sales – this is a winning sales strategy.

Key take-away: What is professional sales, what and how to do it, and what not to do.


Module 4

Managing People - The Power of Storytelling

This module is closely related to the Sales module. Whilst your product offer and value contribution are both instrumental to securing the deal, we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of also connecting on a human to human level. You might have the best product or service at the best price, but if your client does not ‘buy’ you he is not going to buy what you offer.

Whether we accept it or not, or even inherently understand it, all human beings connect with others primarily because of acceptance and trust. So how do you build up trust and acceptance from others? In this presentation we will demonstrate the power of storytelling in a business context. This presentation is about the People factor.

Key take-away: How to become a better storyteller to help you close the deal. What is storytelling and how storytelling can make the difference in a sales situation.