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3 Days of Learning

Whether you favor condensed, 18-minute rapid-fire sessions, or you can’t wait to hear from thought leaders who present the general sessions – we want to help you find your match!

Concurrent Sessions

NEW formats offered this year including immersive workshops with interactive features. Formats include:

  • Solo presenters from thought leaders and experts packed with original content and tactical advice.
  • Panel discussions featuring multiple talent leaders weighing in on best practices for top challenges.
  • Longer form workshop-style sessions 2.5 hours in length, allowing for in-depth discussion and learning. 

General Sessions featuring Keynote Speakers

These sessions are led by thought leaders and experts in the talent space. You’ll leave general sessions feeling energized and motivated—they set the tone for the event experience: transformative, innovative and practical.

Rapid-Fire Sessions 

These fast-paced, 18-minute sessions are held in an open-platform format covering topics or demonstrations with key, tangible takeaways.


Two content tracks

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

The competition for talent is as fierce as ever. With an aging population, a growing skills gap and a competitive job market, finding and keeping the right talent is critical. These sessions will provide you with cutting-edge strategies, practical tools and the resources you need to find and hire the best candidates to build a winning team. Explore new ways to access untapped talent pools or underleveraged talent pools, avoid unconscious bias, utilize the latest technology, all while maintaining a positive candidate experience. 

Engagement & Retention

Employee turnover and poor performance can be extremely costly and disruptive to organizations, which makes retaining high-performing talent key. But how is that done? Learn tips to improve relationships between employees and organizations, develop effective strategies to address appropriate performance expectations and gain knowledge on how to implement effective practices that contribute to a positive organizational culture. These sessions will cover HR practices that create and maintain an engaged, inclusive workforce.