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Data-driven Strategies

Data speaks – let experts share what top trends in recruiting mean for the future of talent management. 

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Actionable Learning

From low-cost practical recruiting to effective onboarding, you’ll find solutions you can apply in your daily work the moment you return to the office. 

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Meaningful Connections

You’ll form connections with peers in your industry that will live on well past the end of the conference. 

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Endless Solutions

Meet face-to-face with vendors who are taking recruitment to the next level. Bring your questions and leave with inspired solutions. 

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Nothing will impact your organization’s culture or bottom line more than employing the right people. When you bring in the right talent, you enhance your organization’s brand in an authentic way, which helps you retain high performers and create a positive employee experience. But the world of talent management is constantly evolving. New strategies are changing the way top organizations and brands recruit, engage and retain employees. It’s essential that you stay on top of trends and innovations in order to remain competitive. Attend SHRM Talent to stay current, reach untapped or underleveraged talent pools, retain high performers and connect with the brightest minds in recruiting and talent management. 

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I have attended 4 consecutive conferences, and each year I come away feeling validated in what I am doing as a recruitment leader, energized to take the next steps and encourages to make the leap to the next level in my practices.

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I found every session I attended very valuable, which is rare.

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Great speakers and content. Well organized. Plenty of opportunities to network and connect. Great and relevant exhibition.

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I really enjoyed everything about the conference. Sessions and content were strong, plus logistics were smooth. Overall it was a very beneficial experience.

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The ability to attract, engage, and retain top talent is a challenge facing all organizations. At SHRM Talent, you’ll gain strategies you need to compete in today’s competitive job market. With more job openings than qualified candidates, recruiters and talent managers must look to previously untapped talent pools. Attend to get tips on creative ways to source your teams and stay abreast of the hottest trends in the industry. From AI in recruiting to hiring for soft skills, you’ll leave Orlando ready to level-up your organization’s talent strategy. 

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