Centrify SecurIT_June 2018
Join us Tuesday, June 5 - Twitter Chat

Tuesday, June 5
12pm EST/9am PT
Moderator: Bob Bragdon of CSO @BobOnSecurity @CSOEvents @CIOevents

CSO Events will hold a Twitter chat on Wednesday, June 5, 2018 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST. The chat will revolve around the topic of zero trust and cyber security.

Each participant should use the #SecurITIDG hashtag in every post so the moderator and other participants can see your tweets and engage with them.

Moderator, Bob Bragdon of CSO, @BobOnSecurity, will ask five questions during the one-hour period. The questions will start after introductions and be asked every 12 minutes. Each participant is encouraged to respond and share his/her expertise when the questions are asked. It is ok to share pictures or links if they are relevant to the topic/conversation. Please use your own judgment.

To monitor the #SecurITIDG hashtag in real time, simply click on a hyperlinked #SecurITIDG hashtag in any post.

Then click on "latest".

Questions to be asked during Twitter Chat (use hashtag #SecurITIDG to participate):
  1. Where do you think that the leaders at your business are in understand how challenging the cyber threat environment is? 
  2. Where does a Zero Trust model for security fit into your current or future cybersecurity risk management plans? 
  3. When moving to a Zero Trust model, where do you begin? Access Control? Data? Network Segmentation? Somewhere else (where)? 
  4. What’s the business case for adopting Zero Trust?
  5. What’s the one area of security that concerns you the most, but that you aren’t currently focusing any resources against?
We look forward to chatting with you on Tuesday, June 5 at 12pm EST/9am PT.