Workshops 2019
Thematic Environmental Investing: Stockholm - 13th May 2019

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Introduction from RI

Hamish Stewart, Events Leader, Responsible Investor 


Presentation: Implementing TCFD recommendations for investors

Eric Usher, Head, UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEPFI)  
Presentation: Climate Change as a Thematic Investment Factor - Driving Change and Protecting Capital
Ben McEwen, Climate Active Analyst, Sarasin & Partners 


Session 1: Defining a thematic environmental investing strategy

  • Which megatrends linked to the low-carbon transition are investors seeing as opportunities?

  • Are the SDGs a useful framework within an environmental strategy? If so, which goals are most relevant?

  • How important is impact measurement and reporting for environmental strategies?

  • How can investor leadership on environmental themes influence other industry players for the better?


Networking break & guests change tables


Presentation: Perspectives on Analysing Climate Risk

Deirdre Cooper, Portfolio Manager, Investec Asset Management 


Session 2: Environmental investing for liveable future - the data on emerging megatrends

  • What new data and analytical tools are investors using to integrate thematic environmental goals for different sectors and subsectors within existing multi-asset strategies?

  • How do investors define megatrends and is this type of thesis turned into a data-driven investment product?

  • How are investors turning data into portfolio and sector-level environmental investing tools?

  • Are long-term environmental investing strategies suitable for long-term pension investors? 

  • What lessons have been learned over the past 20 years of thematic environmental investing? 


Networking break & guests change tables


Presentation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A view on the carbon transition

Ulf Erlandsson, Ph.D., Partner, Diem Green Credit


Session 3: Sector-based strategies in transport and energy

  • As the energy and transport sectors are disrupted by new technology and business models, how are investors responding?

  • What long-term investment strategies can support stable returns through a disruptive transition in the energy and transport sectors?

  • How will the transition to zero emissions electric vehicle fleets create new opportunities in battery systems, charging stations and OEM parts and services?

  • How can investors manage different rates of change across key global markets?



Closing remarks followed by networking drinks & canapés



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