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Masters of Insight

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Today, more than ever before, in a complex, consumer connected, dynamic media world, it takes even more insightful ideas to make brilliant consumer connections.

Enter the Insight Leader. Creating great creative emanates from the deep understanding that you can’t “count” your way to great creative. And that advertising is about relationship building, and making meaningful connections, not pushing messages.

The Masters of Insight at the ARF David Ogilvy Awards stand for creative approaches to analytics, to consumer insight approaches and to leading innovative partnerships with the entire creative team.

The ARF David Ogilvy Awards celebrate the critical role of insights that inspire great advertising.

Judging Criteria

Within the entry form you will be required to submit the following information:

1) What deep consumer insight did your research uncover?

2) What tool/methodology did you use?

3) What was the profound impact on the creative campaign?

4) How did the creative campaign impact business results?

Who Enters

Major industry verticals:

Alcohol & Beverages
Electronics & Technology
Energy & Utilities
Fashion, Style, Beauty & Personal Care
Financial & Professional Services
Government & Nonprofit
Health & Pharmaceutical
Household, Furnishings, & Appliances
nternet & Telecommunication
Leisure & Recreation
Luxury Goods
Media & Entertainment
Nutrition & Fitness
Retail & eCommerce
Toys & Games

Award Categories

Finalists will be awarded with a gold, silver or bronze trophy in the following categories:

Social Media – Unique insights that affect levels of engagement, social reach and creative use of social networks that impact a business.

Cross-Platform – Unique insights that inspired great creative concepts and message integration in multi-channel campaigns.

New Audiences – Unique insights that go beyond traditional targeting and demographics.

Big Data – Unique insights that harness the power of big data to unlock a big idea.

Mobile – Unique insights that produced outstanding applications, digital publications and websites for mobile devices.

Innovation – Unique insights that produced an original, effective new idea or new use of technology that expands the possibilities of the medium.

Creative effectiveness – Unique insights that have most clearly met and exceeded their campaign objectives.

Media – Unique insights that inspired the creative use of media and the delivery of messages.

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