National Sports Safety and Security Conference

Robinson vs. Collegiate Stadium

Mock Trial

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Manage the Impact of Legal Action Against Your Organization or Facility

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K2 Solutions

During the opening day of the 2015 National Sports Safety and Security Conference, attendees are invited to take the hot seat as jurors in a realistic Mock Trial: Robinson vs. Collegiate Stadium. Based upon actual cases involving alcohol abuse, fighting, personal injury, etc., the trial will help attendees manage and understand the importance of the impact of legal action against their organization or facility.

Set in a realistic courtroom, the trial will present actual witnesses who will be cross-examined by attorneys before a judge. While a fictional stadium is used for illustrative purposes most of the scenarios discussed are applicable to any type of event such as professional, collegiate, high school or endurance events.

At strategic points, the trial will be paused to present lessons for defense during legal action against your organization or facility, including: risk assessment, employee screening, brand protection, effective/defensive policies and procedures, etc. A follow-up discussion and workshops will allow for a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

Case Summary:
"The opening game of the 2013 season at Collegiate Stadium in Syracuse, New York was a rivalry match with record attendance. After the game, a violent assault on fan Mark Robinson takes place in the parking lot of the stadium during an altercation with other spectators Trent Vincent and Scott Shatzle. Stadium personnel had received several complains about Vincent and Shatzle's belligerence and excessive drinking during the event, with at least one verbal warning taking place. Security was still traveling to the parking lot during the short altercation. Vincent and Shatzle were arrested, however, Robinson , is suing the Stadium and Collegiate University, claiming they failed to provide proper security during the incident. Dismissal of these charges was denied by the Superior Court, and the event has now moved into the national spotlight considering the popularity of the collegiate teams and brutal nature of the attack. The case is now poised for a jury trial before the Honorable Dana Alden Fox, J.S.C."

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