Modern Management Methods conference, LeanKanban NL 2013

Making better decisions

"Can we make our knowledge workers 50x more productive in the 21st Century?"

Drucker Challenge concept      


The Modern Management Methods conference brings together ideas and experiences that will enable organizations to deliver significant productivity improvements of highly paid knowledge workers.

Our aim is to deliver on the Drucker Challenge within the working lives of our attendees. It won't take you a century to find the improvements Drucker anticipated!


This conference will explore many of the modern management methods for knowledge workers. Many have roots in the work of 20th Century Management scientists such as W. Edwards Deming and Peter Drucker, but are adapted to include elements of psychology, sociology, risk management and complexity theory. They typically feature ways of visualizing and understanding invisible work; they take a systems thinking approach; they include feedback loops and adaptation mechanisms to respond to emergent complex behaviour in the market and amongst the workers and their collaborators, such as the Kanban Method.


Organizations using Kanban are already seeing 8x scale improvements and they are collecting data that show the opportunity for up to 50x improvement in delivery rates, lead times and quality of knowledge work activities. If only managers can make better decisions and organize and empower workers more effectively.


Learn how to make better decisions and how to empower knowledge workers to work effectively and efficiently without loss of control or sacrificing corporate governance. Agility, responsiveness, innovation and risk taking need not to come at the expense of control, governance, or regulatory oversight. Discover that the future of management in the 21st Century has already arrived. Meet with practitioners who are already making better decisions and realizing the benefits of modern management methods.


Attendees at the Modern Management Methods conference will learn about a range of new techniques from the people who have created and validated their own effectiveness. They will learn the why and the how, the science and the theory, as well as the convincing evidence and success stories.


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