Building the Dynamic Enterprise
Atlanta: September 26, 2017

IT Roadmap returns to Atlanta in 2017 in less than 4 weeks!  Join hundreds of local colleagues to gather enterprise-ready ideas, learn best practices, and make key contacts all in one day – in one place.

What Makes This Event Worth Your Time?

“The conference is highlighted by sponsor personnel who are tops in their field and very accessible during the day. The breakouts are on advanced topics in many functional IT areas. It attracts senior tech leadership from attendees as a result, no dumbing down consumer level stuff here!”

Richard M. Richer, Nathel & Nathel, Inc.
  • A one-day format that features technical and strategy sessions, keynote addresses, networking opportunities and exhibitors who are knowledgeable and accessible throughout the day.
  • Technology use cases from local IT Executives, technology updates from solution providers, and technology predictions from expert analysts.
  • Dedicated time for casual conversation to help build your professional network and move your career forward.

What's on the Agenda?

  • Digital transformation involving mobile-first approaches
  • Internet 3.0 security to overcome the risk, complexity, and cost of today’s networks
  • Networks and infrastructure for the cloud-powered enterprise
  • Scalable business architectures to optimize data centers for new and emerging workload requirements
  • The future of AI-driven smart services - strong databases, data management and analytics
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