Boston:  Apr 21st                                                                                                                            Return on Responsibility

What to expect at CRO Summit Spring

The Spring CRO Summit is home to the 100 Best Corporate Citizens List honoree cocktail event, which is held following the one-day Summit program.  The CRO Summit will also feature the results of the world’s largest-ever survey of corporate responsibility best practices, conducted in partnership with the world’s largest stock exchange group, NYSE Euronext.  Attendance is limited to 250 at the prestigious Harvard Club in Boston. 

The CRO Summit Experience

Why is it called the CRO Summit?  Because at the Summit we generate an interactive and collaborative meeting of the minds.  Everything from how the Summit is planned, to the sessions selected for the program, to the onsite experience centers around creating an environment where corporate responsibility leaders can come together to share insights, learn from one another, and work on the tough challenges facing them as individuals, as companies, and as an industry.

About CRO Summit Spring

The last 10 years have shown no one can really predict the future.  The best prognosticators consistently got it wrong.  What we can do is come together to inspire each other and lead in a constantly changing environment.  That’s the core concept behind the annual CRO Summit – the premier gathering of the Corporate Responsibility Officers charged with leading their organizations' strategies for corporate governance, risk, compliance, sustainability, CSR, and philanthropy.

Our director and VP-level delegates know what its like to envision, plan, and operate enterprise corporate responsibility programs.  They will be joined by the executives from our sponsors companies, the leading providers, advisors, and consultants offering corporate responsibility products and services.  We regret that we cannot accommodate those lacking the necessary decision-making authority.  Credentials will be verified.

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