Thursday, September 18, 2014
7:45 am - 9:00 amRegistration and Networking Breakfast
9:00 am - 9:15 amWelcome and Opening Remarks
Moderator: Maryfran Johnson, Editor in Chief, CIO magazine & Events
Highlights of the day's agenda.
9:15 am - 10:15 amCharting the Future of the Digital Enterprise: A CIO/CMO Panel Discussion
Duane Anderson, COO & CIO, Marquette Group
Mohit Kapoor, CIO & CTO, TransUnion
David Lenzen, EVP of Sales & Marketing, Marquette Group
James MacLennan, SVP & CIO, IDEX Corp.
Bill Swislow, SVP of Product & CIO,
Moderator: Maryfran Johnson, Editor in Chief, CIO magazine & Events

In today's fully connected, 24/7 digital world, CIOs and Chief Marketing Officers must collaborate more strategically around the role of IT in the products and services their companies provide. Digital business today is all about impact -- how the company's brand is experienced across every channel, every connection and every interaction with customers, partners or clients. This lively conversation with Chicago-area CIOs and CMOs will deliver insights and ideas on the future of the digital enterprise -- everything from bringing a digital-first mentality to your business to keeping pace with the constantly rising expectations for IT and marketing leaders.
10:15 am - 10:45 amIntegrating Data Center and Facilities Management to Boost Business Agility
Jay Hendrix, Strategic Portfolio Manager, Siemens
Data centers are crucial to your business, but they carry ongoing costs. Optimizing the efficiency in a DC requires breaking down the silos of IT and facility management. This convergence provides new opportunities for savvy IT and business executives to benefit from a holistic framework applied to multiple organizational disciplines – which in turn improves revenue growth and drives operational savings. In this industry expert session, Siemens’ Strategic Portfolio Manager will explain how data center infrastructure management (DCIM) can alleviate cost pressures for CIOs while removing additional business barriers through enhanced intelligence and improved agility. As your environment evolves to a more integrated IT and facility management approach, DCIM can overcome the struggle to collaborate more effectively and deliver optimal value for your business. 
10:45 am - 11:15 amRefreshment and Networking Break
11:15 am - 12:00 pmFrom C-Suite to Board Seat: What CIOs Need to Know
Adam Hartung, Managing Partner, Spark Partners
Business and IT leaders manage companies and solve problems, while board members direct those executives by asking the right questions. One manages while the other governs. In today’s enterprise, the board has a tremendous need to understand the role of IT, especially when disruptive technologies may undercut the organization’s core strengths or even devastate its core markets. Yet board members often don’t know enough about technology to address these critical issues, which is why they look for insight from CIOs and former CIOs to help them govern more effectively. It’s not a question of understanding industry jargon -- it’s understanding how to ask and answer the right questions. In this illuminating session, board veteran Adam Hartung, a former CIO and strategy consultant, will talk candidly about what CIOs need to know to bring greater value to their board interactions (and perhaps one day assume a board seat of their own).
12:00 pm - 1:15 pmNetworking Lunch with Hosted Discussion Tables

  • Data In the Cloud: Resiliency, Agility and Anytime Access, hosted by Actifio
  • Better Workspace Management, hosted by Appsense
  • Digital Transformation—Is your IT Infrastructure Ready?, hosted by Capgemini
  • Embracing Digital Transformation: An IT Readiness Strategy, hosted by Comcast Business
  • How to deal with your application development backlog, where offshore sourcing isn’t an option, hosted by Eagle Creek
  • DNS Security: Threats and Solutions for Your IT Strategy, hosted by Infoblox 
  • Prepared for the worst:  Understanding the characteristics of a responsible breach response plan, hosted by LifeLock
  • DevOps: accelerate the lifecycle delivery, improve IT performance and enable competitive advantage, hosted by Randstad Technologies
  • IT and Facilities Management: Finding Common Ground in Technology, hosted by Siemens
  • The BI hurdle  - how to enable more users to have secured data intelligence, hosted by ThoughtSpot

1:15 pm - 2:00 pmTapping into the Innovative Minds of Millennials
Dana Del Rio, Product Manager, Partner Mobility, Northern Trust
Ami Desai, Director of Demand Management, Blue Cross Blue Shield
McCree Lake, Manager, IT Strategy, Accenture
Sharada Subramaniam, Manager, Transition & Integration, Walgreens
Moderator: Lauren Brousell, Staff Writer, CIO magazine
As the first generation of digital natives in the workforce, Millennials enter the corporate world with a different mindset than their Boomer or GenX bosses. They have high expectations about contributing to business success and low tolerances for traditional approaches. That’s especially true within their greatest comfort zone: the technology realm. In this panel led by a Millennial journalist, you’ll hear directly from young IT and marketing professionals about the way they think, what inspires them to innovate and why they want their managers to get past the bad press about this generation. 
2:00 pm - 2:45 pmBeyond Business Transformation: Taking IT Innovation to the Next Level at Eli Lilly
Ina Kamenz, SVP & CIO, Eli Lilly & Co.
When Ina Kamenz took over as Eli Lilly's new CIO a few months ago, some of her CIO colleagues felt just a bit jealous. The $23 billion pharmaceutical giant has an enviably accomplished IT operation with a world-class ERP system behind its global supply chain, smoothly running shared services and a reputation for cost efficiency. "When you've done all that, what's next?" says this experienced former CIO of Thermo Fisher Scientific. "My focus is on strengthening our IT pipeline to enable growth and drive innovation as our business model changes." In this candid look inside a key player in the rapidly changing pharma industry, Ina will talk about taking IT innovation to the next level and extending the digital enterprise to new customers.
2:45 pm - 3:15 pmStraight Talk about SMAC: The CIO Publisher's Panel
Thomas Bakewell, CIO & VP of Information Technology, Infoblox, Inc.
Simon Boardman, VP of Marketing, Eagle Creek
Tim O'Neil, East Coast Sales, ThoughtSpot
Troy Therien, Managing Director, Randstad Technologies
Moderator: Adam Dennison, SVP and Publisher of CIO Magazine, IDG Enterprise

In this fast paced session, CIO Publisher Adam Dennison will share some key stats on the trends and investments around emerging technologies and the SMAC stack, then engage panelists in discussing how their organizations fit into this new era of IT. What value do they bring to the enterprise? What problems do they solve? Audience questions will be encouraged for an interactive dialogue.
3:15 pm - 3:40 pmAfternoon Networking Break
3:45 pm - 4:45 pmUnlocking Innovation: A Culture Transformation Workshop for Business Leaders
Frank Wander, Author, Former CIO & Founder, PeopleProductive
Years of cost cutting has disenfranchised a large portion of the workforce, creating a pressing need for top-line growth and renewed leadership. Companies in both the private and public sectors must find ways to awaken the innovative capacity that lies dormant in their organizations. But how? In this engaging, high-energy presentation and workshop, former Guardian Life CIO Frank Wander will conduct a fast-paced, creative exercise to build an "Innovation User Manual." Each table will explore a set of human factors and workplace practices that unlock innovation, recording these ideas and experiences to include in the manual. Every participant will receive a soft copy of the user manual they helped create. The results will be valuable, fun and enlightening.
4:45 pm - 5:00 pmClosing Remarks
Moderator: Maryfran Johnson, Editor in Chief, CIO magazine & Events
5:00 pm - 5:30 pmCocktail Reception