2015 World STI & HIV Congress and Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference

Dr Geoff Symonds joined Calimmune Inc initially as Chief Scientific Officer in 2009 and has led the company’s research and development. Calimmune’s work involves molecular biology and tissue culture experiments analysing the impact of anti-HIV gene constructs targeted to both HIV and cellular factors required for HIV infection and replication. This work has progressed to clinical trial for safety and feasibility testing and may allow a different treatment regimen with reduced requirements for anti-retrovirals.  Dr Symonds now acts as Head of Scientific Affairs and Collaborations, and focuses on the future applications of the therapy and technologies that can partner with the technologies being developed. Before joining Calimmune he worked for 16 years at Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and was Senior Research Director and Global Product Leader, HIV Gene Therapy at J&J Research working on basic and clinical research in the area of cell-delivered gene therapy for HIV. Dr Symonds has published widely and has served on and continues to serve on various government and institutional committees.