2015 World STI & HIV Congress and Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference

Andrew Harman carried out his PhD at the University of Cambridge investigating Herpes Simplex Virus entry mechanisms before moved to the Westmead Millennium Institute to work as a post doc in Prof Tony Cunningham’s HIV pathogenesis group in 2002. Andrew has spent the last twelve years investigating how HIV manipulates dendritic cells and has published many key papers on this subject in top ranking journals and presents his work at conferences regularly.

Andrew has spent the last four years developing collaborations with over twenty health specialists in order to gain access to the actual tissues of the anogenital tracts that HIV encounters during sexual transmission. In 2015 he received his first NHMRC project grant as CIA and has set up a small research group investigating the ways in which HIV interacts with dendritic cells in these tissues in order to develop microbicides to block transmission of HIV.