2015 World STI & HIV Congress and Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference

Stephen Bell is a Senior Research Fellow with the Public Health Interventions Research Group and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Program, in the Kirby Institute, located in UNSW Medicine. He is particularly interested in the theoretical, empirical and applied studies in youth sexual health, and in qualitative and participatory approaches to planning, program development and evaluation. His work explores how rigorous research using qualitative and ethnographic principles can enable practitioners and service providers to strengthen the delivery of sexual health programs, and develop peer-led research programmes to facilitate the design of culturally and socially attuned health services and programs. Stephen’s research career has been split between academic institutions and research consultancy organisations, focussing largely on health issues (e.g. sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, access to public health services, community-based initiatives, and community-level accountability of health services), and research with hard-to-reach populations (e.g. disadvantaged young people, rural populations, minority ethnic groups) in a number of international rural and urban settings (e.g. India, Nepal, Nigeria, Uganda, UK, Zambia, Zimbabwe).