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12 June 2014 | InterContinental Park Lane #FTIFCAwards


Below are a number of answers to some of the questions we've been getting. If you can't find the answer to your question here please feel free to contact us on

Why launch a new awards programme? 

The FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards established themselves over eight years as the leading global awards for environmentally and socially responsible banking and investment. The 2013 Awards attracted a record 254 entries from 221 organisations in 61 countries.

However, persistent economic instability and pressing concerns over social inequalities, natural resource constraints and the impact of climate change have heightened the enormous challenges facing the world today, particularly in developing economies. We need to find long-term solutions to these challenges whose impact goes beyond sustainability.

We felt therefore that it was time to deepen and expand the Sustainable Finance Awards and launch a new awards programme with a broader, transformational focus.

The FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards highlight innovative, commercially viable and replicable products and services that address key development issues - such as the delivery of infrastructure, energy, food/water, education and health; the use of technology to empower the poor; and efforts to reverse environmental and social degradation - in a way that can transform economies, societies and livelihoods for generations to come.

Besides the award categories, what are the main differences between the Sustainable Finance Awards and the Transformational Business Awards?

Unlike the Sustainable Finance Awards, the Transformational Business Awards are open to all organisations – financial and non-financial – across both the private and public sectors, and focus only on specific projects and transactions, and the impact those initiatives have on the problems they are targeting. Special attention will be given to public-private partnerships. 

What types of projects or transactions can be submitted for consideration?

The FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards will reward innovation, impact, replicability and commercial viability on a transactional basis across the following categories: 

  • Achievement in Project Finance 
    • Infrastructure
    • Energy
    • Food/Water
    • Education
    • Health
  • Achievement in Information and Communications Technology
  • Achievement in Transformational Finance
  • Achievement in Inclusive Business

Who can apply?

The Transformational Business Awards are open to all organisations – financial and non-financial – across both the private and public sectors.

What is the cost to enter?

There is no cost to enter the awards. Tickets to attend the Conference & Awards ceremony can be obtained here >>

Can transactions-in-progress be submitted or do they have to have been completed and in the implementation stage?

Transactions need to have been completed and be in the implementation stage.

Should transactions have been completed in 2013 or can applications cover transactions from an earlier date? If so, how far back?

For these inaugural awards, there is no historical cut-off date for the transaction or programme that can be submitted. However the transaction/programme must still be active to be considered.

Do transactions have to be commercially viable?

Yes, all programmes/transactions submitted should be profitable. Financial sustainability is one of the criteria the judges will use to evaluate entries.

Are only transactions in emerging markets allowed?

No, transactions or programmes active in developed economies can be submitted, as long as they have potential replicability in severely under-supplied regions.

What will the judges be looking for?

The Awards criteria is available here

When will the judging occur?

The deadline for entries is March 14. Short-lists will be announced on or around April 14. The final judging meeting will be on June 11, the day before the Awards dinner in London.

Who is on the judging panel?

A list of judges is available here