IIA Houston June 2024 Webinar - IA Strategy & Digital Transformation

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WEBINAR:  IA Strategy & Digital Transformation

Date:  June 13, 2024

Time:  12:00pm to 1:00pm

Location:  Virtual

Speakers:  Angela Tran, Entrepreneur of Everolving Skills, LLC

Session Description:  Does it feel like your Internal Audit department is always falling behind?  You’ve tried all the buzz words (data analytics, Agile auditing, digital upskilling, generative AI, etc.) yet there’s a sense that it’s not quite “there”.  Where is “there”? What does “there” look like?  Is there a purpose of being “there”? This session will take you through hands-on practices on how to develop an effective Internal Audit Strategy and how to successfully lead change in our growing digital world.  Come with an open mind and leave with actionable insights!  After this session, participants will be able to

  • Evaluate if your department strategy is tactical, operational, or strategic
  • Lead the development of a department-wide strategy
  • Practice leading by example
  • Build a new habit of leveraging new digital tools

Experience Level: Basic

Prerequisites: None

Recommended credit hours: 1 hour

Cost: Free