Bead Fest Philadelphia 2014
“How to Turn Your Love of Jewelry Making into a Business” – A Learning Workshop with Self-Made Maker, Candie Cooper - $26


Do you sell your jewelry?  Or aspire too?  This class will give you some basic tools and ideas for building a successful jewelry business.  From figuring in labor and materials and overhead, to selling on Etsy, this class will answer those questions.  Bring your notebook!  Each student receives a goodie bag full of Jesse James Bead Swag and special coupon just for them. Starting a business can seem daunting but needn’t be! A few business tricks will set you on your path, and this class is just the place to start. Get ready to have fun, learn a few helpful things, and walk away with a styling bag of JJB swag.


Included Kit ($ Value):

Materials you are required to bring:

Level: Beginner

Technique: Creating a jewelry business 101, How to calculate materials and labor to make a profit

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