Bead Fest Philadelphia 2014
Feeling Knotty Bead Crochet Convertible Necklace - $26


Learn how to create a dynamic wearable in this class that teaches bead crochet, a fun and easy (and super trendy!) skill.  The necklace you will make uses beautiful and sturdy metallic-colored Elasticity Cord from Beadalon and your choice of gorgeous Jesse James Beads.  You will learn how to crochet with beads to make a necklace that easily converts into a bracelet.  Choose your favorite Jesse James Beads colors and get ready to go wild!  This project is a blast to make and the skill is quick to learn.  Join in on the knotty fun!


Included Kit ($ Value):

Materials you are required to bring:

Level: Beginner

Technique: Crocheting with beads, tying off elastic tips and tricks

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