Bead Fest Philadelphia 2014
Charmed I’m Sure – Pretty Charm Bracelet - $26


Perfect a skill you will use again and again with the Charmed I’m Sure charm bracelet. Practice the art of making beautiful wrapped loops while working with incredibly striking beads to complete this bracelet project! Students will have an array of JJB Petite Strands in varying colors and styles to pick from so that everyone ends of up with a piece that suits their own unique self.  Candie will also discuss charm bracelets in general and how to get the dangles to drape perfectly. The skills in this class can be applied to endless projects. A great class for mom and daughter to try together!


Included Kit ($ Value):

Materials you are required to bring:

Level: Beginner

Technique: : Wrapped wire loops, opening and closing a jump ring, creating nicely draped dangles