Bead Fest Philadelphia 2014
3355, Tube Set Flower Pendant and Stack Rings - $230

Kate Richbourg

Tube set stones add a sleek sparkle to jewelry designs. In this class students create two pieces of jewelry, a flower pendant and a set of stack rings and then learn the simple steps to embellishing the pieces with tube set stones. This class is perfect for the student who has had some metal jewelry making experience and wants to advance their skills with a new technique.

Prerequisites: Students should have some proficiency with metalworking. Familiarity with the basic tools and set up including a butane torch, jeweler’s saw, simple soldering techniques.

Included Kit ($75 Value): Assorted Sterling silver flower and circle blanks, Sterling Silver Tube 3", 2 4.5mm stones; 14 g s/s wire 1 ft; s/s flat wire 6", Use of soldering tools and supplies in class. Use of rotary tools and setting burrs in class.

Materials you are required to bring: Chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, chasing hammer, bench block, safety glasses or other eye protection. Students may bring the following if they have them. There will be a limited supply to share in class: Table Vise with clamp, tube holding pliers, jeweler’s saw and 2/0 blades, flat jeweler’s file. Instructor will provide rotary tools and setting burs for students to share.

Level: Intermediate

Technique: Metalsmithing

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