Houston IIA December 2023 Webinar - The 7 Deadly Ethical Sins of Organizations

Title:  The 7 Deadly Ethical Sins of Organizations

Date:  December 5, 2023

Time:  11:00 am - 1:00 pm



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Title: The 7 Deadly Ethical Sins of Organizations

Session Objectives: 

  • “THE SINS EXPLAINED" Learn what each of the 7 deadly ethical sins are and how to identify if they are happening at your organization.  
  • "REAL-LIFE DISSECTION" Review real-life cases for each of the 7 deadly ethical sins in action and dissect the "why" behind each case to learn the lessons.  
  • "WHAT CAN WE DO" Understand ways leaders, whether auditors, risk or compliance professionals, accountants, or other business professionals, can prevent and/or detect each of the sins.

Session Overview: 

Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth. Have you ever thought of these "7 Deadly Sins" in terms of ethics at your organization? Well, Jo did in her book, Becoming The Everyday Ethicist®, and she can't wait to share her thoughts with you. In this session, we will explore 7 potential "ethical" sins in organizations today. From the WRATH of “disingenuous leaders” to the LUST of those with the “move fast and break things” mentality to the ENVY of organizations who do things just because “everyone is doing it” - - -

The question is, which of the sins will your organization fall prey to? And how can you, as a leader (whether you are an audit, risk, compliance, accounting, or other business professional), prevent it? Get ready for this thought-provoking, innovative session on ethics!

Speaker:  Amanda "Jo" Erven, CIA, CFE, CPA (Colorado)

Amanda "Jo" Erven, CPA, CIA, CFE, is the President and Founder of Audit. Consulting. Education. LLC. After a successful career in external and internal audit, Jo is now an active Internal Audit Strategist, Ethics and Culture Consultant, Author, and Trainer/Speaker, providing CPE hours, live and virtually, to organizations across the globe. 

Starting in 2023, Jo is also a full-time, accounting faculty member at Metropolitan State University of Denver as well as the Director of Internal Audit Education for the University. As Director, Jo is actively developing and marketing an undergraduate and graduate Risk Assurance and Advisory certificate for students.

To read more about Jo, visit: https://www.auditconsultingeducation.com/about/

Experience Level:  Basic

Prerequisites: None

CPE Credit(s): 2 hours