Open Source Business Conference

Building Your Big Data Future With Open Source

Every business is, or should be, a data-driven business today, as the Web and mobile technologies have made it possible and imperative to collect massive quantities of data on customers, competitors, and more.  Yet the tools and processes for making sense of that data, analyzing it in real time and using it wisely, are still a work in progress at companies as diverse as Google and Bank of America.  This problem and opportunity of Big Data is a product of the open-source software and infrastructure that powers it, from Cassandra to Hadoop to Linux. At the same time, many of the principles that govern open source offer the scalability and flexibility necessary for the effective adoption of Big Data.  OSBC2011 offers the chance to connect with the developers, users and companies behind the most significant open-source Big Data technologies, learning their strategies so that you can make your business more effectively data-driven, as well.

Why You Should Attend
Nowhere else will you hear such a comprehensive perspective on the open source industry. You’ll be able to network with your peers, share strategies and tactics, and hear some of the most current thinking on open source from the top experts in the field. 

Sessions will Include:

Venue Information:
Topics will probe open source usage in:
- Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing/Data Analytics
- Infrastructure
- Data Storage
- Cloud/Virtualization

• Open source and strategies for driving data-driven businesses

• How enterprise software infrastructure can support the consumerization of IT

• How open source is influencing the economic impact on customers in terms of storage, pricing and query time
• How open source is driving tomorrow’s technologies by providing infrastructure for Cloud, Big Data and more

• Open source as competitive advantage

Hilton San Francisco
Union Square
San Francisco, CA