Your In-house Team’s Success is Dependent on a Strong Operational and Logistical Foundation

Regardless of the size of your team, the industry you’re servicing or the types of deliverables you create, your in-house team’s success is dependent on a strong operational and logistical foundation. How your projects move from one functional team to the next and then to your clients. How you store your digital assets. How you track and update project content that’s constantly evolving. What policies you have in place to ensure corporate and industry compliance. All are critical to supporting a best-in-class in-house creative organization.

Tracking productivity, staff utilization, cycle times and unit costs are also dependent on operational management best practices and critical to showcasing the value you and your team bring to your company as well as allowing you to target and address performance gaps.

Most importantly, the mechanics of managing projects, assets and content is critical to your ability to create an environment where you and your reports can do your best work and meet the creative needs of your organization. This one-day information intensive conference will lay out the logistical management foundation you either need to build or refine to ensure your and your group’s success.

Say goodbye to:
  • - Spending hours guessing at former employees’ filing methods 

  • - Hunting down copyright info on images 

  • - Playing file-deletion roulette to make room on your server

  • - Sifting through files to find the most up-to-date logos and assets

Say hello to:
  • - Smoother employee transitions thanks to standardized
       filing systems

  • - Faster project turnarounds  

  • - Fewer client revisions

  • - More accurate time and cost estimates

  • - Higher staff morale