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Innovation Webinar
a diversity business dialogue
- embracing perspective
May 6th, 2015, 7PM GMT, 2PM US EST, 11AM US PST
About The Webinar
Ellen Pao, Google’s Eric Schmidt, Indiana -- recent news has been active with high-profile court cases and new laws and rules with diversity & inclusion (or lack thereof), in professional settings, at the core. Some of these recent events could impact those who lead professional teams, and all of us are faced with a broadening set of participants and guest perspectives. Differences in ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, family/marital configurations, sexual orientation, education and religion are creating conversations on considerations and perspective that may be new to some, but need to be had by all.
As we work in teams to plan, manage & execute events, and welcome attendees with differing needs and perspectives, we need need to insure that we have the tools and vocabulary to stimulate our thinking & planning. Join etouches and our panel of experts for a unique dialogue that takes into account recent news, as well as helps to define a new vocabulary and framework for implementing diversity and inclusion in business settings of all kinds. Key discussion segments include:
  • 1Recent metrics and statistics of inclusion in our industry and business at large
  • 2Understanding the basic framework and vocabulary of diversity and inclusion
  • 3How recent news has translated into impactful changes by leadership
  • 4Tips and best practices for shifting thinking from just “inclusion” to “value”
  • 5How meetings can incorporate a welcoming approach to all attendee types

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May 6th, 2015

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Esteemed Industry Speakers

Tess Vismale

CMP, The Meeting Pool

John Fitzgerald Gates, Ph.D.

Principal and Chief Strategist of Criticality Management Consulting

Apoorva N. Gandhi

VP Multicultural Affairs, Marriott International, Inc.

This webinar
will be held via
Google Hangouts