Increase Your Value as a Designer: Developing Your Interactive Design Skill Set is The Best Way to Make Yourself Indispensable to Your Employer!

Whether you work freelance, in an agency, an in-house environment, or own your own shop, your clients and/or employer expect you to know how to design websites and develop other sophisticated interactive products. Their businesses depend on your ability to do this well, so it’s essential you develop these skills, understand the process of web design, the importance of content strategy for the web and the critical need to monitor the performance of your site or products. 

That’s why we created the HOW Interactive Design Conference. HOW has gathered some of the most accomplished interactive design experts in the industry to guide you, inspire you and enable you to return to work with a newfound sense of confidence in the skills you already have and a better understanding of the skills you need to develop.

Never done interactive design? No problem! The conference program is organized to ensure that the basic principles of web and interactive design are accessible to those of you who are new to the discipline as well as meaningful and educational to those designers who understand the fundamentals. Just a few days of intense expert guidance at the HOW Interactive Design Conference will boost your confidence—and your career. 

Don’t forget one of the primary benefits of coming to a conference: the people you meet. Past attendees have mentioned how networking opportunities at HOW Interactive Design Conference helped them to advance their careers and retain clients. Plus, the speakers are eager to meet you and help answer your questions. 

Check out our all-star list of speakers and learn why this year’s amazing lineup—featuring more voices and more “interactivity” than ever before—will benefit you for years to come. The conference tends to sell out quickly so you should register as soon as possible. In fact, you should register today!

If you need to get approval from your boss, and they need some convincing, check out our “Convince Your Boss” page, which outlines the benefits to you and your company if you attend the HOW Interactive Design Conference. 

If you missed the 2012 HOW Interactive Design Conference, click here for photos.