2022 Africa-Canada Microsoft DigiGirlz Virtual Camp

2022 Africa-Canada Microsoft DigiGirlz Virtual Camp

Africa & Canada

March 7th, March 8th, & March 10th, 2022

Time Zones:
8AM PT / 11AM ET / 7PM EAT

 Pacific Time (PT) , Eastern Time (ET) & East Africa Time (EAT)

Join us on March 7th, for International Women’s Day, as we kick off our very first Microsoft International DigiGirlz Camp. This year, we are 100% virtual and will be using the opportunity to connect with girls across North America and Africa for 2 hour workshops throughout the week. More details on dates can be found below.

In partnership with Fair Chance Learning, the Microsoft International DigiGirlz Camp is an online experience designed to provide girls with hands on experience with technology, workshops to bring their ideas to life, and enable cross cultural collaboration and networking. This year's theme is lifelong learning.

By participating in the Microsoft DigiGirlz Day, young women can find out about the variety of opportunities available in the high-tech industry, get hands on experience and learn from peers and other women already in the field. 


If this event is happening during your regular school hours, and you would like to enroll your students as a group, please CLICK HERE to request school enrollment.


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