106th IAI Annual Educational Conference

CHI Health Convention Center

Sunday, July 31, 2022 - Saturday, August 6, 2022

The IAI Annual Educational Conference is the largest organized event in the world that provides a full week of high quality, cutting edge education and hands on training in forensic physical evidence examination and crime scene processing. Register now to ensure you experience all the IAI Conference has to offer!

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Experience the IAI Conference 2022

Lectures on the latest technology, techniques, and research; workshops to practice basic to advanced skills taught by the best professionals in the field, meetings and panels provide an opportunity to discuss the latest standards and professional developments.

Exciting Events and Social Networking Opportunities!

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Join Us on Sunday, July 31, 2022

Workshops fill up fast so register early!

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Keynote Presenters

The most highly respected and knowledgeable forensic professionals in the industry participate in our program. Among our esteemed speakers, panelists and workshop presenters are the following two Keynote Presenters we are proud to include in our program:

On Monday, during our Opening Ceremony, David Atkins will bring a high-energy perspective on how to stay positive and make an impact to lead by example every day. He will help us to realize that a positive mindset and attitude are necessary to succeed — no matter what happens in your day-to-day experiences. Atkins has had a rich and varied career starting as a NY State Police Trooper where he rose to the rank of Captain. From there, he moved forward with a number of years in the private sector and then into the public-speaking platform where he shares his experience of overcoming many barriers in order to achieve your goal!
Our Wednesday morning Keynote will be Tiffany Prince. Expectations of leadership and the world of work have profoundly changed, and leaders are faced with navigating this new reality. How do you lead this change from wherever you are in your organization? Moving your team toward a goal can feel like flying multiple kites on a windy day. Based on years of working with thousands of leaders, Tiffany has discovered leadership attributes that lead to building high-performing teams and being a successful team member within any organization. Learn how to improvise your leadership and team participant style to meet your team and not the other way around. Tiffany will share her leadership journey and provide practical tips to engage more meaningfully with your team through a 5-step system.
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