Modern Management Methods conference, LeanKanban NL 2013

management, leadership and organizational improvement trainer, coach & facilitator


Really learning (read: out of school) since 1996 within Software Development environments, starting out as a monkey in a small company filling my days with installations, upgrades, bug fixing & integration development… dealing with other species as customers, end-users, other suppliers provided great insight into the jungle we work. From that moment on I could not longer be the monkey and somehow started to mutate to a gorilla (team lead), king-kong (group lead) to one of the lions around (R&D Manager) expanding my territory of knowledge, learning from other jungles and finding better ways to survive while changing the environments from a jungle to a commune of transparency, trust, effectiveness and collaboration among all species around.

Being busy with change since 2001 in different jungles, having met with over a 100 of different species, we could call one a chameleon with a huge backpack of knowledge, technique’s and frameworks to support other lions out there to do just enough of the right thing at the right time and be respected for it.

In the backpack are tools and techniques out of beyond budgeting, systems thinking, lean, kanban, agile & scrum as well as notices from other less favorable frameworks like Prince2, PMBoK, ITIL, CORBA, ISO… All of this allows this chameleon to effectively support senior & middle management on how to run an effective organization; as well as training people to become part of a learning organization.