Modern Management Methods conference, LeanKanban NL 2013

Olav Maassen is an experienced project manager and consultant at Xebia in the Netherlands and has more than ten years of experience working mainly for financial institutions and big corporations.

After Chris and Olav ran into each other in 2005 they have subsequently extended their model to incorporate applied psychology and various other disciplines. Unlike the “traditional” Real Options approach that is based on Black-Scholes, the approach that Olav and Chris developed avoids the complex mathematics and focuses on the practical implications of options. 

Their Real Options model (also known as the Real Options meme) teaches us to understand the timing of decision making and help discover new options not appreciated before. 

Olav and Chris have teamed up with Chris Geary to create the first business graphic novel about managing risk on projects. In the novel the main character (Rose Randall) learns how to apply the real options approach to the way she manages her new project. 

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