Modern Management Methods conference, LeanKanban NL 2013
Models, Maps, Measures and Mystery

, Head of Engineering

By telling the story of our Kanban adoption at Base79 this talk will discuss the models, maps and measures that we have found useful to the work and learning of our team and to create a shared vision of the work and purpose of the organisation across the whole company. We will take in Kanban Boards, Domain Models, Value Chains, Impact Maps, Comparative Cycle Time Graphs, Chopped up Cumulative Flow Charts and The Worlds Simplest Control Chart. We shall talk about where they have added value and where we have tripped ourselves up. We shall also delve into Behavioural models such as Habit Loops These charts, diagrams and tables are not an end in themselves. Their operational validity needs to be continuously assessed as both our understanding of the work, and the nature of the work itself changes and evolves. Nor do these artefacts tell the whole story. They are a selective abstraction which whilst useful and beguiling should not cause you to forget the dark matter that lies behind them. This dark matter is a mystery which needs to be probed and tested and from which emerge new models, new maps, new measures and a continuous evolution of the organisation.