Modern Management Methods conference, LeanKanban NL 2013
Tele2: a case study

, Agile Coach, Prowareness
, Project Manager, Tele2

Within software development and IT departments in large companies project managers will increasingly face Lean / Agile ways of working. Within Tele2, we have developed a new way of doing projects, based on the principles of Lean / Agile and inspired by Radical Management (Steve Denning). Important questions, that are included in the new way of working, are: How do you inform the Steering Committee and the company about the progress of these projects? How do you deal with the traditional way of looking at projects by managers? As a company how to deal with a large amount of projects?

In this session the following topics are covered:

  • An explanation of the case within Tele2
  • The applied basic principles for the new project approach
  • The project way of working: project organization and reporting to management
  • How portfoliomanagement is organized within Tele2
  • Lessons learned