Modern Management Methods conference, LeanKanban NL 2013
Kanban. Dealing with the elephant in the room, one chunk at a time.

, Agile coach, VXCompany


Large and mostly early Scrum implementations in a very revolutionary big bang fashion have taught us that not every organization is fit for a fast change in way of working. We talk about culture, tooling, we hear Agile but which methodology are we going to use? Scrum, Lean, Agile, Kanban?


Small incremental changes that help you to get closer to your objective are a very effective way to lower resistance when transitioning. With business and IT usually furthest away from each other and business asking to "just fix the problem" there can be a big gap. Bridging this gap is a long process where past solutions usually don't work. Context is king.


In this talk I will share how Kanban can be used as a catalyst for change in culture and behaviour in the whole organization and how it can help focus on fixing the problems that need fixing most to achieve your goal. In this talk  we will dive into the basic principles and practices behind this evolutionary change method.